Indis Eda

Half-Elf Sorceress (Draconic Bloodline)


Name = Indis Eda
Align = Chaotic Good
Class = Sorcerer
Race = Half-Elf
Phys = Female/ Age: 20/ Height: 6’/ Weight: 160 lbs/ Hair: Auburn/ Eyes: Gold
Level = 6
Experience = 27,475
HP = 30


STR = 10 (0)
DEX = 14 (2)
CON = 12 (1)
INT = 12 (1)
WIS = 8 (-1)
CHA = 22 (5) (2)

Armor and Saves

AC = 16 (1 Dragon Skin) (2 Magic Item) (2 DEX) (+1 Feat) (16 Touch AC)
Fort = 5 (2 Class) (1 Magical Item) (1 CON)
Reflex = 5 (2 Class) (1 Magical Item) (2 DEX)
Will = 5 (5 Class) (1 Magical Item) (-1 WIS)
Base Attack Bonus = 3
Spell Resistance =
CMB = 0
CMD = 13
DR = -5 Fire Damage

Class Skills

- Appraise = 4 (1 Rank)
- Bluff = 10 (5 CHA Bonus) (1 Rank)
- Craft =
- Diplomacy = 11 (5 CHA Bonus) (3 Ranks)
- Fly = 8 (2 DEX Bonus) (3 Ranks)
- Intimidate = 9 (5 CHA Bonus)
- Knowledge Arcana = 9 (1 INT Bonus) (5 Ranks)
- Perception = 4 (-1 WIS) (1 Rank)
- Perform: Singing = 6 (5 CHA Bonus) (1 Rank)
- Profession =
- Spellcraft = 11 (1 INT Bonus) (4 Ranks) (3 Skill Focus)
- Use Magic Device = 9 (5 CHA Bonus) (1 Rank)

Weapons & Items

Weapon = Claws (x2) – Attack Bonus = 3


Level One = Spell Focus: Evocation
Benefit: Add 2 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the school of magic you select.
Level Three = Skill Focus: Knowledge Arcana(
Level Five = Dodge (+1 AC)
Level Seven = Toughness (Dragon) and Quicken Spell


Level Zero Cantrips (Unlimited) =
- Detect Magic
- Resistance
- Ray of Frost
- Flare (dazzles 1 creature/-1 on attack rolls)
- Message
- Read Magic

Level One Spells (x8 Per Day) =
- Protection from CE/LG
- Magic Missile
- Ear Piercing Scream
- Mage Armor (Draconic Bonus)
- Identify

Level Two Spells (x7 Per Day) =
- Scorching Ray (Ranged Touch Attack, Deals 4d6, +1 ray/four levels (max 3))
- Resist Energy
- Knock

Level Three Spells (x4 Per Day) =
- Fireball (1d6 Damage Per Caster Level)

Other: Gold Fire Dragon Bloodline +1 Fire Damage per Die Roll (Fire Spells)
Languages: Common and Elf

Backpack =
Group Gold: 11,045g, 5s

Potions =
2 Vials of Anti Plague
3 Vials of Anti Poison
1 Wand of Hold Person (Unknown Charges)
Dust of Tracelessness
8 vials of alchemist fire
10 vials of liquid ice
5 bottles of blade dull
10 doses of blood block
5 applications of silver weapon blanche
5 applications of iron weapon blanche
1 application of adamantine weapon blanche

Items to sell =

Spell Scrolls =
1 Scrolls of Hide From Undead

Other =
Brass Spirit Planchet

Equipped =
- Green Silk Cloak of Resistance +1
- Dusty Rose Prism Iuon Stone of AC +1
- Ring of Protection (AC +.1)
- Headband of Alluring Charm (CHA +2)


Indis Eda: Half-Elf Sorceress

Indis’s story begins with a series of sidelong glances set rhythmically to the chords of a pleading harp on one very particular winter’s evening. The harp in question belonged to a disheveled but inarguably talented human bard by the name of Edain, and he directed these brash glances to the daughter of his then patron – elven Queen Telandia Edasseril. The good looks, charismatic presence, and startling gold eyes of the bard had often in the past won him the affection (and warm bed) of nearly any woman (and sometimes man) that caught Edain’s attention. But Telandia’s daughter, Andis, was no flighty, unseasoned girl – despite her deceptive looks – and she scorned this unsolicited gaze.

Ever the patron of the arts and oblivious to Edain’s advances, Telandia insisted upon Andis’s presence at the intimate and frequent concerts. After weeks of chin-in-hand, bored sighs (for she lacked the love of music that seemed so inherent in her people), Andis allowed herself a small rebellion; and, tired of avoiding Edain’s gaze, decided to use the concerts as opportunities to read. She read everything: history, fiction, philosophy, biography, and she had long since made it her life’s impossible work to consume every volume in the nearly limitless library of the elven capital city of Iadara.

On the evening in question, Edain, having exhausted all his old flirtatious tricks hit upon a new plan. He directed his furtive glances not to the spring-leaf green eyes of Andis (Edain was ever the sentimental Bard), but instead to the pile of books tucked haphazardly under her chair. Edain was no fireside storyteller, but an artfully trained and sharply honed musician, having studied among the ancient archives, operas, and academies of Ustalav; and, he knew just how to finally win himself Andis’s attention.

A book is a small thing; but, a carefully crafted inscription left inside a well-chosen text and placed outside of a very particular door could rather surprisingly foster an improbable love.
However, like many improbable things, it could not last, and Edain was forced to leave Kyonin, the elven homeland, at the start of summer when the spring-green of the leaves deepened and darkened. Edain promised Andis they would see each other again, and they made quiet arrangements to write each other frequently. But even the most carefully laid plans of elves of men can be set awry, for the xenophobic and conservative Winter Council had taken notice of Edain and Andis. Edain never reached his destination, and Andis’s letters to Ustalav – one containing a most important sort of news – never reached him. All too aware of Edain’s wild-oats exploits and not the type to reclusively waste-away in sorrow, Andis threw herself into her historical studies and left the raising of her new baby in other hands.

Born the granddaughter of elven Queen Telandia, Indis Eda was, as one might imagine, an outcast among her mother’s people in Iadara. While Queen Telandia exercises a relatively liberal rule over Kyonin, several powerful factions in the country – including the xenophobic Winter Council – made Indis’s childhood in the idyllic forests and towers of Iadara an utterly lonely experience.

Shortly before her 18th birthday, Indis made arrangements to leave Kyonin in search of her father, presumably in Ustalav. Despite her disarming beauty and haunting voice, few were sad to see her leave, saving perhaps her grandmother – for children are infrequent blessings among the elves. Andis herself, now a leading historical scholar among her people, had in time made peace with Edain’s disappearance but nonetheless felt a pang whenever she looked into Indis’s gold eyes. Indis, with the keen observations of a child, could always sense this pain, and misunderstanding the cause, she was never close with her mother. There were few ties to sever when she stepped out of her comfortable room with a small traveling bag.

Indis made her way to Ustalav and could not find her father. As a half-elf, she often met with loneliness of a different sort on the roads if she did not carefully hide her elven heritage. Finally, tired and forlorn with no leads to follow, Indis enrolled in a bardic school in Ardis, Ustalav, where she focused on singing, story crafting, and the harp. She refused to request money from her mother and grandmother, and instead performed locally to help pay for tuition.

During one such performance several months later, Professor Petros Lorrimor sat in Indis’s audience after meeting with a local bardic contact. He noticed the odd flash of her eyes in the dim, candlelit inn and was paying keen attention when two of Indis’s harp strings gave a pained scream and snapped with a twang. Indis, unaccountably (to everyone but Lorrimor, who had seen a flash of sharp claw), ran, embarrassed, off stage and into the night.

Lorrimor found her frustrated and wiping errant tears in an alley behind the inn. After some coaxing, Lorrimor convinced Indis that he was something of an expert on sorcery and could train her and perhaps uncover the mystery of her power’s origin. Tempted by this offer and trusting the elderly kindness and obviously keen intelligence of Lorrimor, Indis agreed to the professor’s tutelage and moved in with him and his daughter, Kendra, in their modest home in Ravengro, Ustalav.

After several months studying magic with Lorrimor, Indis slowly came to a better understanding of her sorcery, but they could only guess at its power. Having heard the story of Indis’s mother and father, Lorrimor guessed her sorcery found its roots through Edain and his family. After experimenting with different elements, it became clear that Indis had a particular affinity for fire magic and spells of evocation.

Indis came to respect and love Lorrimor in their months together, and he became not the father she had set out to find, but the father she needed. After breakfast one morning, then, Indis found it odd that Lorrimor refused to allow her to accompany him on his research in a nearby ruin. He charged her to instead spend the day in her usual routine – practicing spells and researching her heritage. As the day wore on and dinner came and passed, Indis and Kendra became increasingly concerned for Lorrimor’s safety, and eventually asked the local authority for assistance searching the ruins. Late into the night, Indis herself stumbled upon Professor Lorrimor’s lifeless body in the echoing, empty courtyard of the ruined prison. Indis had finally found a home where she felt she had belonged, but now she was on her own once again.

Indis Eda

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