Malacchi Ushkat

Half-Orc Monk


General Info

Name = Malacchi Ushkat

Align = Lawful Neutral

Class = Monk

Race = Half-Orc

Phys = M, M, 25yo, 6’2, 215lbs, blk, blk

Level = 4


STR = 14 (2)

DEX = 14 (2)

CON = 12 (1)

INT = 14 (2)

WIS = 17 (3)

CHA = 8 (-1)

HP = 16

Initiative = 2

Armor and Saves

AC = 17 (touch = 17; flat foot = 15)

Fort = 7

Reflex = 9

Will = 8

CMB = 7

CMD = 18

Class Skills

- Acrobatics = 9

- Climb = 7

- Craft = 0

- Escape artist = 7

- Intimidate = 7

- Knowledge History = 6

- Knowledge Religion = 9

- Perception = 10

- Profession = 0

- Ride = 0

- Sense Motive = 8

- Stealth = 8

- Swim = 0

Weapons & Items

Weapon = Fists

- Attack Bonus = 5 (flurry of blows +7

- Critical = 20

- Damage = 1d8 + 2


Level One = Flurry of Blows – 2 attacks per round, Stunning Fists – Stun target 1 round, unarmed strike, lightning reflexes plus 2 to reflex, dodge plus 1 to ac

Level Two = Evasion

Special Abilities
-Dark Vision up to 60ft
- Intimidate plus 2
- Orc Ferocity – extra attack once dead
- Ki pool (5) – 60 ft. Per round for 1 ki; 4 AC per round for 1 ki
- Slow fall for 20ft.

- Common Tongue, Orc Tongue, Abyssal Tongue


The raucous crowds spilled into the streets and gathered near the temple throughout the day as word spread that the High Priest and Priestess of Caliphas were soon to welcome their first child, a day long anticipated by everyone in the city. As night fell, however, the celebratory bells did not ring, and not one, but two torches were lit in the Tower of Mourning. The signal was clear: the high priestess and her first-born son Malacchi were dead. Malacchi, named after his father, would not follow in the priesthood like so many of his ancestors had before him, but not because he died that day. In fact, the child lived, but was dead to his father despite taking his first breath, taken shortly after his mother took her last. An unholy thing had been born that day, born from the past, an ancient thing. Born from the days when the Whispering Tyrant ruled all of Ustalav and such things were common. But Ustalav had not seen such a thing for centuries, nor would they today. Officially, Malacchi the half-orc died that day, in memory and in record when the second torch was lit.

The High Priest took great pains to keep his son secreted away inside the temple and visited only once yearly. These rare visits and the High Priest’s disgusted, disdainful visage were enough for the child to understand his unwelcome presence. So as to avoid the boy as much as possible, the High Priest called on a local professor to educate the child in secret. For several years the tutor and student became close as they explored the temple’s library and together read tomes from the professor’s personal collection.

Lacking the prejudice expressed by the High Priest, the professor urged the boy to choose a surname that expressed his heritage. Thus, Ushkat was born. With time Ushkat grew restless with his confinement and would sneak out at night to explore Caliphas and the surrounding areas. Soon, however, villagers in neighboring towns reported sightings of an orc roaming the countryside. This combined with rumors and speculations surrounding his wife’s death were too much for the High Priest to bear. He ordered the boy, his son, Malacchi Ushkat, away.
The professor, a man respected in Ustalav and abroad, convinced the High Priest to let him provide passage for the boy. The professor urged Ushkat to join one of the Houses of Perfection in Jalmeray and provided him a network of contacts to reach the faraway Island. Ushkat gained apprenticeship at the Monastery of Untwisting Iron after he passed three secret tests.

Some years later, a letter arrived at the Monastery for Ushkat with the initials KL on the seal. Heart sick, Ushkat immediately knew the letter’s contents, and the text inside confirmed his premonition; his professor and friend, Petros Lorrimor, was dead.

Malacchi Ushkat

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