Carrion Crowd

Adventure Day One

The Adventure Begins

Summary of events:
- burial of Lorimor (confrontation w/ townspeople/ Paladin)
- reading of the will (and getting tomes & other info) and journal
- research at the church (history of prison and burning)
- hearing of the nursery rhyme/ riddle
- multiple zombie/ skelly attacks
- searching of the crypt for the “tools” (icky centipedes)
- more church research for info on “the five” (saved Kendra en route)
- went to town hall meeting; saved the council from a fire and offered our help as adventurers
- asked Ouiji board about the five’s involvement in town events (“yes”)

Thoughts for next time:
- go back to check the statue
- research/ check into the rhyme (at church?)
- more questions to the ouiji board (why is the splatter man spelling “Vesorianna”)
- check the runes at the ruins

Current experience = 1625 exp.


lanetrompeter lanetrompeter

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